Mould makers (also food grade)

Nedform has been supplying and advising professional mould makers and casters for two generations. Whether you are looking for single copies or series Nedform will pick the most effcient way to go about this. Of course this goes for food and non food moulds alike. Ranging from choclolate and soap and candle moulds to concrete moulds.

  • Mould for series reproduction
  • Moulds for multiple copies should have a high resistence against (agressive) materials and resins. Nedform will advise you what mould material to use in respect to your casting materials.

  • Mould for single reproduction
  • Sometimes you only need one copy of a product. IN that case it is important that the original is kept in good state and that the copy is of the highest detail. Nedform will advise you what materials...

  • Master form/ Master pattern/ Mother mould
  • When making a mother mould or master form the rquirements of dimensional stability, longlivety and toughness are very high. When one chooses the wrong materials chances are one will end up with...

  • Casting materials
  • The model may be made out of many different materials ranging from chocolate to concrete. Nedform will advise you on what materials to use keeping in mind the desired end effect and the moulds used....